Welcome to García Pantaleón & Associates, PC. Our experienced team of attorneys and licensed consultants work hard to provide you with the best, most efficient service.

Our New York City law office offers free or affordable consultations that can help you understand the legal options available for your particular case so you can make well-informed decisions based on a thorough analysis of your situation and applicable laws.

A consultation is the best way to get started on your path to obtaining legal status, preparing a defense against deportation proceedings, petitioning for family reunification visas, and understanding your legal rights in the United States.

Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law in the United States and the majority of applications and petitions filed without an attorney are denied.

An experienced attorney gives you the best chance of success by evaluating your case, anticipating legal issues, developing strategies and solutions for complicated legal challenges, eliminating confusion, and cutting through red tape and excessive paperwork.

When you retain us as your lawyers, you can count on our experience, legal training, knowledge of the latest changes to the law, and professional commitment to helping our immigrant communities.

Our Legal Consultation and Representation Services

Our law office specializes in assisting clients in immigration, criminal defense, and personal injury cases.

Our legal services include the following:

Free* Initial Consultation

A one time fee may be charged to people who request certain types of legal consulations over the phone. Our in-office consultations are free of charge.

Careful review of your personal circumstances and applicable laws and reprives

Our commitment is to pay special attention to your needs and offer you the best solutions available to your particular case.

Direct access to our immigration and defense lawyers

Unlike other firms, you can count on receiving direct access to our team of lawyers when you choose our law office.

Multilingual services

Our team of attorneys speak English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Polish, and German