1. Immigrant Population Helps Power NYC Economy

    Want to know how important our immigrant populations are to the life of New York City and how much we contribute to our local economies? Immigrants earn $100 billion in total income – that represents 1/3 of earnings in our city. Almost half of New York City's workforce is composed of immigrants wh…Read More

  2. The most common mistakes when managing personal finances

    The budget is generally the most basic thing in financial planning. It is therefore especially important to be careful when it is compiling. To start you have to draw up your own budget for the next month, and after a while to make year budget. The budget is generally the most basic thing in financi…Read More

  3. Analysis of the enterprise’s activity, profitability assessment

    A study of the economic activity of the company plays an important role in reinforcing their effectiveness from an economic point of view. Such an analysis contributes to the improvement of the financial state. Evaluation of economic activity depends on the accounting, which forms the main indicator…Read More

  4. Overalls with logo as a method of advertising

    Overalls bearing the company's logo on it is, first of all, economy and practicality. In itself a preference of corporate style in overalls involves a significant increase of costs for development of design solutions, customized tailoring, selection of necessary materials and so on. Overalls long ag…Read More

  5. Outsourcing of accounting services for business

    This new term we increasingly encounter in certain business fields among entrepreneurs and managers. Somewhere subconsciously perhaps they know what they are talking about, but not literally. But any term should clearly defined. So let's see what it is. Outsourcing is the transfer of authority, on t…Read More