We know that the immigration system is full of different application processes, laws, and constant changes. With all of that comes countless questions and the need for legal advice if you or your family member is dealing with the immigration system.

That’s where an immigration lawyer comes in. At García Pantaleón & Associates in New York City and Astoria, we have a team of immigration lawyers ready to help you navigate the system and provide multilingual support in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian, and Italian. If you need a different language, just let our team know and we’ll make arrangements for that language.

In today’s post, gain some insight into the immigration system and contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation with one of our immigration lawyers.

4 Things You Should Know About the Immigration System

It’s Complicated

As you probably already know, the immigration system is extremely complicated. There are a lot of laws, applications, and other layers that make navigating the system challenging. This is where our immigration lawyer comes in.

Our entire team has years of experience navigating the system. It’s our job to understand these different technicalities of immigration and provide you with the help you need.

Wait Times Can Be Long

With a complicated immigration system comes longer wait times. Unfortunately, there are times where we might have to wait long periods of time for approval of a petition or a green card. But an immigration lawyer will stay with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that all of your paperwork is filed correctly and that you are in the loop of the status of your case or other immigration situation.

Types of Immigrants

An immigrant is defined as “a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence.” But when you’re working in the immigration system, it’s important to understand how you are defined according to the country you’re in. In the United States, there are three categories that encompass immigrants:

  • Citizens
  • Legal non-citizens
  • Illegal non-citizens

Depending on which category you fall into, there are different requirements and abilities that come with that immigrant status. Understanding how you’re defined makes it easier for your immigration lawyers to navigate the system and work towards the best possible resolution or outcome.

Keep Updated on Your Status

One important thing to understand is your status and what that means for you and your immigration rights. Your immigration status is the way you are present in the United States, which stems from the three categories of immigrants we talked about earlier.

Understanding how your status is changing throughout your process in the immigration system is extremely important. For example, if you choose to leave the United States while you’re working through an immigration system, you might be unable to re-enter when you return, depending on your status. Our immigration lawyer will work with you on your status so you have a strong understanding of what is allowed and not allowed depending on your current status.

Trust Our Immigration Lawyer in New York City

At García Pantaleón & Associates in New York City and Astoria, we know that experiences in the immigration system can be life-changing. That’s why our team is here to provide you with the legal support you need. We have extensive experience in petitions for visas, green cards, citizenship applications, and other areas of the immigration system. Don’t wait to contact an immigration lawyer — give us a call today and schedule your consultation!