Our Legal Defense Services

Our legal defense team is friendly, professional, very well-informed, and ready to assist you with the guidance you need to solve your legal matter.

With extensive experience in preparing all types of visas, citizenship, and naturalization applications — along with defending clients in deportation proceedings — our law office is becoming one of the most trusted in our community.

We also offer professional and efficient representation in matters related to criminal defense, personal injury, family law, real estate, and specialize in obtaining results without immigration consequences.

Our Legal Defense Services Include:

  • Free telephone consultation
  • A careful review of your personal circumstances
  • Direct access to our lawyers and support staff
  • Multilingual services in English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Russian, Ukranian, Polish, and German


If you are looking for an immigration lawyer to prepare and file your work visa, green card, or citizenship case, fill the form and see what we can do to help.

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